MD (Hom) entrance examination results published. 1st Rank : Dr.Bhagyasree, 2nd Rank : Dr.Muhsina Mariyam, 3rd Rank : Dr.Sreenath. Congrats to all winners. View Rank List , "Find your Homoeopath" Homoeopathic Doctors' Directory launched in official website of The Institution of Homoeopaths Kerala (IHK). Check


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Father of

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
(10/04/1755 - 02/07/1843)

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Our Objective

  • To promote and advance the science of Homoeopathy.
  • To continue Homoeopathic Medical Education.
  • To maintain the honor and dignity and to uphold and safeguard the interests of the Homoeopathic profession.
  • To improve public health in accordance with the Homoeopathic principles.
  • To promote co-operation among the Homoeopathic fraternity by forming a unitary organization of the Homoeopaths of Kerala.
  • To provide financial benefit to the dependent of members after their death.

Message from State President

May 10th and 11th  2014 will be recorded as golden movements and golden days in the history of IHK.  We are organizing a National seminar (ANANTHAPURI) at Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram the Gift of God to the nature. Faculties of international standard from all over India are assembling here to present their papers on various subjects (Research and Research Methodologies in Homoeopathy, A panel discussion on Homoeopathic Education, Life style diseases and Carcinoma).The students, research scholars, PGs, teachers and practitioners are participating in the seminar as delegates. This will enrich and empower the Homoeopathic profession. This will be written as one...


Message from General Secretary

Dear  doctors,                         I feel gratified that I was elected as the general secretary of our collective , the Institution of Homoeopaths kerala ,which had it’s birth at the jawahar Balabhavan,Kollam on february  1 , 1987.I am giving you the assurance  that I will carry out with maximum sincerity the responsibilities entrusted to me by my organization and that I will promote and protect the interests of our Homoeopathy...


  • IHK State Family Meet

    * On November 2, 2014 (Sunday)
    * At EKD Auditorium, Kodungalloor
    * Hosted by IHK Kodungalloor unit

    For details and advance registration, Contact : Dr.Mohammed Ansar (9447244609)