Social Security Scheme

Social Security Scheme (S.S.S)

A Unique Project By IHK

  • Social security scheme is meant for IHK members only
  • Social security scheme is having 100% constitutional protection
  • Social security scheme will be considered as the sixth objective of IHK constitution
  • Social security scheme is formulated for the welfare of IHK membersand their families
  • Social security scheme is not allowed to be operated by any other agency other than IHK
  • Social security scheme rules & regulations are equally applicable for both life members and ordinary members
  • Registered Office of Social SecurityScheme
  • The registered office of social security scheme will be functioning at IHK Bhavam, Trivand rum
  • Commencemet Of The Social Security Scheme Social Security Scheme was proposed in the year 2008. 2009
  • Social Security Scheme was implemented in the year 2009-2010. Social SecurityScheme Will Operate From 2011-2012 AIM & Objective Of Social Security Scheme